I know what you’re thinking…

I know, I know… “Cats can’t write and they don’t have blogs”. I said the same thing when Chuck approached me about starting his blog. After some discussion, he convinced me that he has an unusual outlook and that his fans needed to hear his story in his own words.

I feel bad that I initially tried to discourage his creativity out of my own ignorance of what his experience of being a cat should be. In part, I was probably worried that people would think badly of us for letting him blog. I was wrong.

Chuck doesn’t blog often but when he does, he’s got a lot to say. His mission is to fight the stigma of cats being aloof and unintelligent. He would like everyone to know that, while cats are not as overtly affectionate as dogs, they love their people just as much as dogs love theirs.

— Guest post: Claudia Snell

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